Our Products

We offer a wide range of paper bags. Be it brown paper bags, white paper bags, carry bags, shopping bags. Our bags last long and standout in the market for their unique designs.

Handled bags – Add a luxurious shine to your checkout line with our shopping bags. Sturdy, twisted paper handles provide a secure comfortable grip while side gussets allow the bags to hold bulkier merchandise.

Bags without handle – If you have a need a need for a heavy-duty or light-duty paper bag, then we have the solution. Made with top-quality, recycled paper: heavyweight bags are ideal for use in hardware and craft stores while light duty are ideal for shopping, good packaging  among many other uses. Put them to the test, they can handle it.

Bags, Sacks and Envelopes

We offer packaging materials for the following industries

  • Maize flour
  • Wheat flour
  • Sugar
  • Cement
  • Dried food
  • Medicine
  • Pet and animal food
  • Tea
  • Industrial chemical
  • Cakes, Snacks and bread
  • Shopping bags
  • Bookshops
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Hardwares

Branded Bags

We offer custom printing and packaging. We believe your packaging is an extension of your brand, and the best way to stand out is to customize it. Our hot stamping is done right here in Kenya. This means that we can get the job done better, faster, and less expensive than our competition.

Rest assured your brand will get the best treatment there is when you partner with us for your packaging and printing needs.

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